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Municipal Enquiry has been made possible by a £6000 development grant from the Andrew Wainwright Trust. A £2000 follow-on grant has also been awarded by the Lipman-Miliband Foundation.


The Municipal Enquiry team is:

Frances Northrop is a local economic development specialist who is currently an Associate Fellow with the New Economics Foundation, part of the Save Latin Village campaign as well as a Director of Atmos Totnes. Frances has a long track-record of working on initiatives and campaigns across the UK and specialises in how change is created through different means – culture, policy, practice and campaigning - and is experienced in all four areas.

Nick Mahony is a freelance social researcher specialising in participatory democracy and participatory research. Nick has worked as a teacher, researcher and project coordinator on a range of projects including with The Open University, the Centenary Commission on Adult Education, Lawrence & Wishart, Selby Centre, Arts Council Wales, UCL Institute of Education and Birkbeck. Nick is also the Development Coordinator of the Raymond Williams Foundation and co-organiser of the Movement for Cultural Democracy.

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