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Municipal Enquiry has been made possible by a £6000 development grant from the Andrew Wainwright Trust. A £2000 follow-on grant has also been awarded by the Lipman-Miliband Foundation.


The Municipal Enquiry team is:

Frances Northrop is a local economic development specialist who is currently an Associate Fellow with the New Economics Foundation, part of the Save Latin Village campaign as well as a Director of Atmos Totnes. Frances has a long track-record of working on initiatives and campaigns across the UK and specialises in how change is created through different means – culture, policy, practice and campaigning - and is experienced in all four areas.

Nick Mahony is a social researcher, community development worker and HE teacher with expertise in direct democracy and public action, community development and participatory research. Amongst others he's worked with The Open University, Birkbeck, UCL Institute of Education, the Centenary Commission on Adult Education, Lawrence & Wishart, Selby Centre and Arts Council Wales. Nick is also Development Coordinator of the Raymond Williams Foundation.

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